Our Evolution

Nicole Brownell and Katy Van Anden started VanBee & Co because we saw the need—in our hearts, minds, and in the marketplace—for a different kind of consultancy. One that has the ability and courage to work transparently and collaboratively with clients. We chose to structure our team as a free-thinking federation of strategists, creatives, designers, and leaders, and (perhaps most importantly) to give everyone permission to take the time to get deep and get it right on.

With our diverse backgrounds in hospitality, restaurants and catering, events, business services and community leadership, we found one common theme… frustration with inaction. Instead of merely complaining about it, we made a conscious effort to act. Yes, we still hold our current positions as business owners separate from VanBee, however, we implemented our go-to strategy within our own organizations and to all of our VanBee clients. Now, we have developed a refined balance between creativity and results. This mantra keeps working with us not only professional but fun!

We pride ourselves in the distinct services we offer, which also means we are hands on from start to finish, delightfully devouring your project! We look forward to meeting with you, reviewing our portfolios and professional services, all while creating a match between us!