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Business Gala and Corporate Dinners Promote Engagment

When creating our business strategic plans and marketing outline digital marketing certainly ranks top on the list. However, in age of content explosion it’s still important to communicate and have hands on engagement when possible. Business events are relevant to both customers and your staff. There is still value in a handshake and in person impressions.
VanBee & Co. understands the value and results of a exceptionally executed corporate event that does not have to break the bank. Here are just a few reasons to consider hosting a special event and elements that may ensure complete success.

The Big Hurdle

Corporate events can be intimidating and leave you with questions – What if no one attends or if our fundraiser doesn’t make money, let alone break even? How do I know my guests will have a good time? How does this create new business?

These are valid questions, however are often just fears. A properly executed event or meeting will be flawlessly planned, include a budget and marketing plan- small or large. These three elements working in sync guarantee a turnout and positive result.

 Tips, Tricks and Ideas to Impress

Here are some of our event ideas and tips to putting it all together.

Holiday Party to Boost Staff Morale

The holidays are a perfect time to show appreciation for your staff who have worked hard throughout the year.  Throwing a staff party allows non-work related interaction in a relaxed environment. Interaction builds camaraderie and yields a higher quality work setting with more productive staff.

While encouraging your staff to mingle together the last thing you want to be is BORING; this is a time for celebration! Make it fun and keep your staff in the dark with the details until they show up for the event.  Think outside of the box to make things a little more exciting than a typical cocktail party.  Consider a wine swap, take the staff candlestick bowling, send them on a treasure hunt, or simply choose a very unique location for the event. Having an activity is key.

Hold a Retreat

Retreats are a great way to pump out a lot of activity in a relatively small amount of time.  A retreat allows a group of people (board of directors, employees, focus groups) to dedicate themselves to a accomplishing a goal.  Many times retreats are all inclusive and potentially not in the same area as your business. Plan out down time activities or an element of fun to build on the face to face contact effect. Consider the race track, a basketball game or an outdoor activity- just make it social.

In the Adirondacks, we are able to host retreats in a variety of diverse settings. Our region includes waterfront venues, great camps and even world class conference centers. With an array of activities and amenities there will certainly be no question about “out of the meeting room” options. Many of our camps and venue sites offer a boat ride or rental. A hiking, kayak or stand up paddle board set up is more tangible than you think. In the winter consider a whirl down the Lake Placid Toboggan Run, or take in a hockey game.

Lake front events

Keep it both professional and fun!

When planning retreats it is effective to gain assistance from an event planner to ensure all of your meals, activities, sleeping arrangements and equipment needs are met.  The last thing you want to be worried about why a caterer is late, where your Sharpie’s for the flip charts are, or what’s next on the agenda.

Be the Expert, Because you ARE the Expert

Hold a conference to highlight your expertise and invite current and potential customers.  This is a time to woo new clientele.  These events put you in the spot light. This is also an area to show off your digital elements and implement displays throughout your setting. Be creative and develop a hashtag for the event and ask attendees to tweet and social about their experience.  Our biggest suggestion no matter where or when the conference is being held… supply a bottomless pot of coffee!

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