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What’s involved in digital marketing anyways?

Digital Marketing Details

At VanBee & Co, we make your business our business. It’s that simple. Our work – which to us is sacred- involves a deep understanding of who you are, your goals, and your customers. Everyone is online, surfing the internet and scrolling social media outlets to find the best products, destinations, and reviews. Now is the time to express your brand and gain new customers.

It’s Organic

You have the product and want to be found, we get it. This is as it should be. Our services will help your business reach the next level and stay there- yielding a larger customer base, command of the market, and ROI. We implement specific marketing elements to give you the leading advantage, maximize profits and minimize advertising spend. We’ll work together to successfully achieve your company goals.

Our Core Marketing Services

  • Search, SEM and SEO

    Where do you rank?

    VanBee will do an assessment of your SE presence, organic search, and all of your media channels. We perform research of your  industry, competitors, keywords, and content. From here, a strategic tune up of media outlets is initiated to get them all working together in the same direction. This includes web appearance, branding, organic search, paid ads, social media, SEO, and the production of consistent messages.

  • Content, Inbound and Sharing

    Content is king and flows with quality SEO as part of your marketing strategy. Through research and digital expertise, Vanbee will write content, edit freelance and existing content, while synchronizing a full cycle content development strategy. Relevant content development for websites, photos, blogs, and social media is an essential part of marketing and visibility. Everyone is online and everyone is talking! We’ll do scheduled content audits to ensure there is no duplication, SEO is perfected, and your website is functioning it’s best.

  • Google Partner

    You can be sure you are working with professionals who are up to date on the latest search engine updates and algorithms, in addition to paid strategy management. We are an official Google Partner, certified in Adwords, on top of the newest google stats, regulations and education.

  • What’s the gossip? Review Management

    With a first hand background in hospitality and customer service, we offer insight on best practice review management; including those on customer feedback sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. Reviews have a major impact on your web presence and new clientele. Let us help you maximize your customer base to help your business.

  • Measurable Goals

    Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools available, and is often under utilized. The breakdown of these reports and the navigation of identifying specific goals gives a business a substantial advantage. We provide scheduled translations of these reports and highlight areas of interest. This will help identify your market and the who and where promotional opportunities should target. Based on the measurable specifics we tweak and adjust your site and content to remedy any areas of bounce or loss and promote customer engagement- all the way teaching you the steps to take to be proactive in your site goals and learn customer behavior.

    We use a variety of other web-based tools available to track your goals, competitors, and overall market. Programs include SmartContent, BrightEdge, Invision by Clark, and SEO Moz-Pro. These reports are broken down for you, detailing the areas in need of improvement in addition to the success of your marketing campaigns and digital marketing strategies.

  • Website design and development

    We specialize in responsive design websites sites with all of the bells and whistles you are looking for. Built on both Drupal and WordPress platforms we can customize a site to your needs.

  • Social Media

    A business can not function without social media. It’s no longer an option to a marketing platform, but rather a necessity. The majority of the population uses social media to read reviews, get advice, network, find a home or investment, choose a vacation destination, all the way to reading news stories they find interesting.

    Social media has a profound effect on branding and recognition, as well as customer loyalty and even SEO. We’ll set up and utilize your channels for big results!

  • Public Relations

    You have a message to promote, more than one we’re sure! We share that message about your business, organization, product, and event. We’ll create awareness and build an anticipated buzz to get your message out and reach your goals.

  • Market Analysis

    Prior to implementing any plan, including promotional events, we research your industry specifics, local, and current data. This may include RGI for those in hospitality- what’s your index and how can we raise the bar? Our research is then shared with you to best complement your existing product, and unveil a refreshed presentation.

    Research is key to any marketing platform- it’s that simple.

  • Grant Writing and Administration

    Grants can often seem daunting and difficult to obtain. As experienced grant writers VanBee can apply for specific Local, State, and Federal grants you meet the criteria for. We also specialize in grant management and administration of those which are marketing specific – meaning project management and full scale implementation.

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